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More Marshmallows, Less Mosquitoes

More Marshmallows, Less Mosquitoes

As a child, my family would take a yearly summer camping trip up to the Adirondacks in upstate NY. I am sad to report that at this moment in time, I haven’t gone in 8 years! Never would I have imagined such a thing. One day soon I hope to take my own family. In the meantime, I’ve at least introduced the concept of camping!

We have a million and one mosquitoes around our house so camping in the backyard wasn’t an option. Alternative answer – camping in the living room!

I honestly had no idea when I pulled this out that it was going to be so large. We bought this tent after our last camping trip in 2010 as an upgrade without realizing that we would never use it! I kept it up all week and if the kids were older I probably would have actually let them sleep in it but at only 10 months and 34 months I opted to use it for reading time and dramatic play instead.

The rest of our activities for “Camping Week” included:

  • Camping Yoga
  • Handprint Campfire Craft
  • Campfire Sticky Wall
  • Flashlight Reading
  • Painting with Marshmallows
  • Marshmallow Engineering
  • Make Your Own Binoculars
  • Exploring Marshmallows with 5 Senses (including S’mores!)

As in my previous activity post you will see that the bolded activities are ones we accomplished. We were pretty successful this week! I think it was all the marshmallows haha.

Supplies needed for each activity:

Camping Yoga – Raffy is demonstrating his Bear pose and Canoe pose for you. You can find more poses here.

  • your bodies!

Campfire Sticky Wall

  • Contact paper
  • Tape
  • Brown construction paper (for “sticks)
  • Scissors
  • Red, orange, & yellow tissue paper (for “fire”)

Painting with Marshmallows

  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Marshmallows
  • Toothpicks

Marshmallow Engineering

  • Marshmallows
  • Toothpicks

Make Your Own Binoculars

  • 2 empty toilet paper rolls
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Stickers

Exploring Marshmallows with 5 Senses – This one is pretty self-explanatory. We discussed what the marshmallows looked like, did they make sound, what they felt like, what they smelled like and what they tasted like.

  • Marshmallows

Flashlight Reading – This was a bit of dramatic play, as if we were reading at a campsite before bed.

  • Books
  • Flashlight

The craft we opted not to do this week was the Handprint Campfire since we had already done the sticky wall. There are several variations on Pinterest but here is also a link to one.

  • Orange/Yellow Paint
  • Brown construction paper


We ended our week making s’mores which my son had never had before.  The kid has a pretty big sweet tooth so he happily accepted this new treat. I didn’t even know it at the time but that day was National S’more Day! It was fate. Did you celebrate National S’more day?

Stay Savvy!



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